Asia Lunar New Yearis the golden time for FMCG international wholesale groceries to accelerate in the race for revenue. But this is also attractive for many companies like Ace World Trading one of the specialist companies in the industry.

Looking competitive International Wholesale Groceries In Asia Lunar New Year

international wholesale groceries

International Wholesale Groceries

As well, Asia Lunar New Yearis the occasion for companies to launch new products dedicated to the needs as well as donations of users. But in a market where the number of participants is so crowded now, the level of competition is so fierce. Characterized by the ownership of small units FMCG, it is difficult to see where. The first is competition in the selection of rent space, recruiting personnel for sales season. And then the price of fast-moving products better than other products that need interest on each company is also affordable. In addition, the short time of use of the product must be forced with the plan of stockpiling and consumption of specific products and authenticity to minimize waste and damage.

Excluding traditional “shelves”, you will also need to identify strategies for selling and selling products on online channels (messages, information, product prices, incentives, promotions, …).
Another defining element is that the manufacturer does not work directly with individual end users. Fast, dedicated products for end-users are endorsed by wholesalers. This also makes it difficult for manufacturers to research and calculate new product strategies.

Which way for the “rookie”?

The question for the “rookie” in the fast moving consumer goods sector at the end of the year is: How to make an impression brought users at the difficult?
In the opinion of the economists, the sales and marketing consultant for the company owns four proposals that small companies marketing the fast-moving products to note. Let’s first set the appropriate goal to possess the ability. Owning a new product to the market, especially Asia Lunar New Yearis both an opportunity and a challenge. Therefore, it is necessary to possess the appropriate purpose to develop and sell the best products.

international wholesale groceries

International Wholesale Groceries

Next comes is the convergence of health and emotional nutritional value for consumers. To attract the power of the user, this season, businesses international wholesale groceries must pay attention to nutritional value in each product. Bring it together, Asia Lunar New Yearis a moment family and friends spin together. Therefore, your product is the brand “with a sense of freshness” in this New Year. Investing in product packaging is also important. The reason, during the festival, gifts are a special “use”. Therefore, focus on the idea, style as well as the element of personalization in the “Premium Packaging”.

During the New Year, the gift is a special “use”.

Envelope of an affordable quality product is prioritized in the order of the standards: Full product announcement on the packaging bag, secure packaging material, health and safety.

Ultimately, selective advertising channels and provide “bright ideas”. The majority of consumers are aware of cheap quality products that they recommend from friends / family members, followed by promotions on TV / radio and on their own import export company. So, if you have the background of some old buyers do not forget the channel “word of mouth”. And depending on the scale, the cost of being able to choose the appropriate form of promotion, with the effect.

However, the main production channel is the “decisive point” of your product to the user’s hand.

international wholesale groceries

International Wholesale Groceries

So, be smart when choosing where your product will be located on the shelves in the market, convenience stores, genuine dealers or grocery stores, …? With the exception of the traditional “shelves”, you will also need to identify strategies for selling and marketing products on online channels (messages, announcements, product prices, incentives, promotions, … Asia Lunar New Yearis approaching, businesses should prepare the necessary for the Lunar New Year from now.

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