Clearing and forwarding of cargo at the dealer import export agent :

Clearing and forwarding is a process based on the relationship between the contractors import export agent of goods and means of transport FMCG distribution of goods. It helps contractors cargo in the strategies promote efficient goods to buyer by completing a number of proceedings and documentary .


Import Export Agent FMCG

A number of documents related to customs procedures include:

Export documents:

A purchase order from the buyer, sales invoice, packing list, shipping Bill, Bill of Lading or airway bill, certificates of origin and any other specific documents as specified by buyer , or at the request of the financial institution or the terms or provisions of the LC importer …

Import documents:

A purchase from buyers, sales invoices, supplier’s Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading or Air way Bill, Packing List, certificate of origin, and any other specific documents as required by the buyer , or to financial institutions or the regulations of the importing country.
Customs agents prepare the shipping documents of the Bills in the House to process while the burden of documentation obtained from customers. Prepare shipping bills related to the classification of goods under the particular classification is an important activity in the whole process.
Customs agents are also called made and forwarded import export agent. They have to be registered and licensed by the Customs to operate. Their role is limited to representing customers and representatives of third party agencies involved in customs procedures.
Customs agents are related through EDI to customs in most countries and document software manual to facilitate the entire process.

Perform the function of clearing and forwarding.

  • Support in the local transport in the transport container and also worked on the room space transport.
  • Support in the selection of the mode of transportation, packing, marking and labeling, and complete customs and port procedures.
  • Its mission is also about insurance of goods, counsel for the exporters of commercial law and export education.
  • Its mission is the coordination with other agencies and stores the necessary documents.

Clearing and forwarding as a function of the complexity of the distribution financial, transportation, and other service activities. They can be regarded as travel agents for ¢ commodities transported to overseas locations. forwarding agent negotiated domestic price and the ocean side provide valuable ideas on the optimization of transport alternatives and cost-efficient.

Clearing and forwarding is performed by the freight or the dealer. The dealer support in the implementation of the clearing and forwarding function in the following ways

Freight forwarders to make recommendations on the reception of payments for export. The delivery agent provides the care and control of materials  transit. They support or prepare the commercial invoice, packing list, the draft transmittal letter, etc.
Clearing and forwarding agents perform the logistics services can expound to transport but is primarily a service of clearing and forwarding agents may include creating a bill for international shipping , make the shuttle shipment arrangements and reports sent the goods, arrange and coordinate the customs warehouse, to thoroughly complete all documentation work required for your shipment, and finally confirmed the distribution of plots your goods.


Import Export Agent FMCG

Clearing and forwarding agents have established relationships with sea freight, air and ground transportation system including railway services, road transport and ship transport. Once the shipment has been delivered to the clearing and forwarding agent company, shipper or cargo owners can rely on clearing and forwarding agents offer timely and safe transportation of goods. Note: a good Clearing & forwarding agents will always be perfect in the logistics skills like how to arrange careful shipping goods whether they are transporting dangerous goods or additional requirements to support any response the owners ‘ particular ‘ desire all along the boating or shipping routes.
Clearing & forwarding agent company logistics management road transport for cargo transportation and ocean freight import and export Ace World Trading. Besides, clearing and forwarding agents are also ready to even provide packaging, letters of credit and the documentation. Note: clearing & forwarding agent fees and clearance of freight depends on the distance and the other job arrangements for the safety of the products as refrigeration equipment the base container, or some kind of grassroots conservation is needed, or if there are any dangerous materials included in the software package, or the number of the carriers will be required to carry merchandise , etc.
Delivery agent & clearing calculated all this factors to choose the best bid then add their fees and then give customers a cost. If clearing & forwarding agent agreed with the shipper or owner of the goods in the same frame price, time and tasks, then it will become responsible for clearing & forwarding import export agent cargo ship was delivered to the destination.

Clearing and forwarding agents search out freight rate.

The dealers pay freight bills and receive the bill of lading from the shipping company.
Clearing and forwarding agents attached to the Bill of lading and send a copy to the shipping line and the customer or the Bank intermediary activities.
Clearing and forwarding agents arrange full on-site parking including shipping labels.

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The agents also get the message forward calls from shipping companies.

Clearing and forwarding agents sign up details on the custom form items and sent to customs. The financial stability of the customs brokers or other third party provider is due to one of the issues that need to be considered carefully in their choice. The others are:


Import Export Agent FMCG

Capacity of your employee management and operation

The East African Customs Union partner States, is an agreement of the Customs authorities and Revenue Agency which underwent the customs brokers require, training uniforms to allow them to obtain the certificate the profession due to customs release as a condition for their license. Continuous professional development will also be made to the dealer with the practicing certificate, in collaboration with the Association of International Freight IFB.

Membership of a National Association of the freight House

In some countries members of the National Association was a prerequisites for licensing with the customs. If a dealer company is not a member of the National Association, it is a clear sign as a company may have the problem of having problems with customs, and therefore have not been recommended for initial license or change new. However, members should not be interpreted as proof of the integrity of a company or professional standing in the present time.

Agreement with the service provider third parties

Clearing and forwarding companies providing transport services within the same company, or through an arrangement with a third party. Even if the level of clearing firms can be perfect, ferrying suspicious can cause delays if the trucks seized by Customs for one offence or another. For example, a truck conveying goods have been cleared through Customs was legitimate, however, commingled with the other people who have been smuggled. This can cause delays of all goods if the trucks and goods were seized.

Credibility in etiquette

Customs Broker interaction with customs on a daily basis whether directly or by email. Therefore, customs officials usually have a good understanding of and insight into the capacity and integrity of potential agents.

Active duration

Keeping all these factors constant, a company that has been active in a long time without a break can have more sounds and reputation than the beginner perfectly. Since most of the clearing companies in many countries in Africa in the category of small and medium enterprises, it would be quite risky to entrust the job of clearing high-value, bulk commodities to a company that has may not be able to provide.

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